Inquiry & Learning for Change

NatureBridge / Headlands Institute

A team-building game at NatureBridge Olympic Peninsula Campus.

Inquiry & Learning for Change worked with NatureBridge over a two year period on two different projects. The first was an evaluation at the Headlands Institute (now Golden Gate), and the second focused on NatureBridge’s organization-wide strategic planning process.

Headlands Institute Evaluation

Inquiry & Learning for Change helped design and co-facilitated a highly participatory evaluation (called Empowerment Evaluation in the literature) of their Field Science program. Working with a broadly representative stakeholder group, we used innovative facilitation techniques including narratives of powerful experiences, collaborative concept mapping exercises, large group idea clustering and voting, and collaborative logic model generation to design the evaluation. We then supported the staff to design data collection and analysis processes that were sensitive to the culture of the organization that yielded intriguing results.

Strategic Planning

Inquiry & Learning for Change coached and consulted the NatureBridge Strategic Planning Coordinators team as it designed and conducted a rigorous, year-long self-study and planning period to determine best ways forward with the implementation of its strategic plan. At the same time, Inquiry & Learning for Change helped design and facilitated the end-of-year Education Summit, where education managers from all of NatureBridge’s campuses came together to reflect on learning from the year and plan coordinated strategies for moving the educational work forward.

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