Inquiry & Learning for Change

Clients and Projects

Inquiry & Learning for Change is honored to have been able to work with these great clients.  Here are some profiles of selected projects…

Co-Director, Deeper Learning Dozen

DLD Logo represents pattern emergence and pattern replication in the superimposition of a "strange attractor" graphic with a nautilus shell.

Co-directed the Deeper Learning Dozen, a community of practice of senior school and district leaders from school districts across North America (US and British Columbia) focused on district transformation to support equitable deeper learning for each and every young person and adult. Read More

Coaching Linked Learning Pathway Teams for College and Career Readiness

As a coach with ConnectEd, the California Center for College and Career, and later, as the Pathway Coach Coordinator for the Linked Learning Office in the Oakland Unified School District, I worked with a number of high school "Linked Learning Pathways" in Oakland, CA.  Linked Learning is a promising approach to the redesign of high schools... Read More

Mandela MarketPlace & Foods Cooperative

Moving from a powerful Mission to "work in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low income communities" to systems and structures to make that happen is hard work! Inquiry & Learning for Change was honored to work with Mandela MarketPlace and Mandela Foods Cooperative on clarifying their Mission and Vision, and refining the ways that the two organizations work together to achieve that Mission. Read More

LA County “Circle of Fire” exercise

Graphic Brainstorming, the 'Circle of Fire'

"The Circle of Fire" was a brainstorming and collaborative graphic representation exercise Inquiry & Learning for Change designed and facilitated for consultants in the LA County Office of Education. Read More

Los Angeles USD

Inquiry & Learning for Change worked with LAUSD Local District 7 on major school redesign efforts aimed at shifting the culture of schools and the community toward higher expectations for student learning. Read More

NatureBridge / Headlands Institute

A team-building game at NatureBridge Olympic Peninsula Campus.

Inquiry & Learning for Change worked with NatureBridge over a two year period on an evaluation at the Headlands Institute (now Golden Gate), and an organization-wide strategic planning process. Read More

Community Learning Center Schools

CLCS asked Inquiry & Learning for Change to help design and facilitate a series of Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning retreats over a two-year period as the charter school organization grew from one school into its own small, entrepreneurial educational organization. Read More

Additional Clients and Projects