Inquiry & Learning for Change

Supporting innovative leadership that accelerates emergence, team development that brings together diverse perspectives for creative and equitable design, and positive, reflective organizational transformation.

Inquiry & Learning for Change works with clients to create networks of democratic, adaptive, and values-driven schools, districts, and organizations that are deeply and organically connected to their communities. We believe that transformation for a more equitable, socially and racially just, and thriving society is possible through emergent new ways of being and co-designing together, iterating shifts in systems towards these values we hold, “rewilding” for more biodiverse human ecosystems, and designing for radically inclusive, compassionate, and reciprocal relationships in communities that focus on learning, healing, thriving, and accomplishment. Come adventure with us!

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Recent Projects & Clients

  • Co-Director, Deeper Learning Dozen

    Co-directed the Deeper Learning Dozen, a community of practice of senior school and district leaders from school districts across North America (US and British Columbia) focused on district transformation to support equitable deeper learning for each and every young person and adult. Read More

  • Coaching Linked Learning Pathway Teams for College and Career Readiness

    As a coach with ConnectEd, the California Center for College and Career, and later, as the Pathway Coach Coordinator for the Linked Learning Office in the Oakland Unified School District, I worked with a number of high school "Linked Learning Pathways" in Oakland, CA.  Linked Learning is a promising approach to the redesign of high schools... Read More

  • Mandela MarketPlace & Foods Cooperative

    Moving from a powerful Mission to "work in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low income communities" to systems and structures to make that happen is hard work! Inquiry & Learning for Change was honored to work with Mandela MarketPlace and Mandela Foods Cooperative on clarifying their Mission and Vision, and refining the ways that the two organizations work together to achieve that Mission. Read More

Latest Blog Articles

A Little Essay on How Communities of Practice and Dense Networks can result in high quality learning and outcomes for ALL students: Collaborative Capacity and System Symmetry

What we need for systemic transformation is an emergent and qualitatively different learning and leadership experience of participants (teachers, students, community members, school leaders, district people) that results in emergent and qualitatively different practices and actions. Read More

Healing and Re-Humanizing Our Education System

How might we heal our way to a deeper kind of learning and definition of success for each and every student and adult in our educational system? Read More

Transforming Learning Is a Journey. Here Are Some Essential Lessons So We Can Treat It Like One!

Eight metaphors from a long and challenging hike through the Pyrenees offer essential lessons for transforming learning in schools and districts. Read More

Pt. 2: Emancipatory Organizational Design: An Alternative to School and District Bureaucracy

Eight characteristics of an "emancipatory organizational design" for school districts can move our school systems to ones that create coherence, equity, and powerful learning for students and adults. Read More


  • John is a highly talented conceptual thinker who can take theory and turn it into down-on-the-ground, practical interventions and approaches. He develops highly effective processes for organizations and groups that lead to new ways of accomplishing desired outcomes.Juli Quinn
    Director, Regional System of District and School Support
    LA County Office of Education
  • I have been continually impressed by John's effortless ability to understand our fairly complex organizational model and culture, and to craft tools, meetings, and methods that complement and strengthen our existing efforts...He believes in his work, and approaches me and our staff with respect, humility, and a sense of humor. In my opinion, you could not find a better evaluation consultant, coach, or 'critical friend.'Melissa Meiris
    Director of Education
    Headlands Institute