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Melissa Meiris Recommendation

A team-building game at NatureBridge Olympic Peninsula Campus.

John has been an outstanding resource for information, support, facilitation, and project direction [on an extensive ‘empowerment evaluation’ project for our residential Field Science program at Headlands Institute]. His deep experience with evaluation shines through in the rigor of his process and methods, his familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and his ability to flex and adapt to the changing needs of our staff and timeframe.

John has taught me volumes about the evaluation process, and is an expert at synthesizing and relating complex information in clear, accessible, and relevant ways. He has been an incredible collaborator and coach. I have been continually impressed by John’s effortless ability to understand our fairly complex organizational model and culture, and to craft tools, meetings, and methods that complement and strengthen our existing efforts.

In addition, John is a calming presence, an exceptional listener, and an excellent communicator. He is attentive, meets deadlines on time (if not early), and is always quick to respond to my phone calls and emails. Perhaps most importantly, he believes in his work, and approaches me and our staff with respect, humility, and a sense of humor. In my opinion, you could not find a better evaluation consultant, coach, or ‘critical friend.’