Inquiry & Learning for Change

Liz Homan

John is someone you just can’t help but want to learn from and with. He challenges you to think about ideas, systems, and structures differently and does so in a way that helps you to learn more about yourself, as well. He is kind and gentle yet firm in his facilitation,┬ámaintaining high expectations and requiring the same from participants; his approach will bring out the best in you and your colleagues. My work with John has transformed my approach to school and district leadership, has helped me identify new areas of growth and potential in my team, and has inspired me to transform my own practice and the practice of those I lead. John’s approach is at once philosophical, relational, and practical; you will come away with new ideas about what education is and should be, and with concrete practices to begin using immediately. Most importantly, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of yourself and your colleagues.